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Want to make an extra $50/month?

We pay $600/year for having our radio in your retail space!

If the following points are a green tick for you, you are sorted.

  • Gas station /Smoke Shop/ Liquor Store/ Hotel/ Motels/ Any retail locations with traffic.
  • Does your business hours are more than 14 hours/day?
  • Are you open 5-7 days/week?
  • Do you want to make an extra $50/month?

Mike Shah

Days Inn

Hotel Owner

I got a self-made opportunity to let my customers enjoy their minds in peace and knowledge with them, they made me grow my business into a happy business.

And I love getting paid $50/mo for just hosting the radio!

Free Support

Empathy Radio has free support for its customers 24/7. We are available by email, messages, or live chat. Just let us know your problem.

Easy to signup

It’s a really quick process, just a simple fill-up form and completing the DocuSign agreement. Once done, your sign-up is complete.

Get the radio in couple weeks

The process starts immediately as you show interest and sign up for the radio. We cater to deliver you at the earliest after the agreement is signed


Do you offer Support?

Yes, we offer Free Support to our customers.

We also have installation documentation for our clients on how to start radio with Alexa and Router.

Can we cancel for FREE?

Yes as a customer you can cancel anytime just email us and we will send you a return label to ship our products back!

What genre do you play?

Currently, we are offering 3 different Genres.

1. Chill

2. Latin

3. Country

Do we have to have licenses to play the music?

We are liable for all the licenses and royalties on the music we play on our Radio/Podcast

What is the requirement to join Get Empathy Radio?

We prefer businesses that open more than 14 hours a day and 7 days/week. But if your business is open more than 10 hours a day send us an email!

How much time does it take to get started?

We will ship the product in 12-19 days after receiving the document.

What is the CATCH?

We get this question lot of times.

There is no catch we work with multinational companies to advertise their products/services on our network. with that revenue, we pay our retail location partners!

Can I run ad for my business?

Yes as a business owner you can run your own ads! Just provide us the mp3 file and we will start playing ads.

Why have a

Free Radio/Podcast

This is great to increase customer satisfaction.

Mike Shah

Hotel Owner

Empathy Radio is just amazing! I love to get free music in my hotel lobby and also get paid for it!


Restaurant Owner

Thank you Peter for the Free radio for my restaurant! My customers and staff love it!!


Smoothie Bar Manager

Empathy Radio is the best in business! we used to pay another company to play the music but now we get paid to play music! Awesome team and awesome support!

Let the wait get over!!

Let’s get started!!

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